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The Super Vigilante

After All The Pitches And Web Sharing... Effective Work Pays Off

Rhyme All Night is proud to present the first title under RAN Ink. Between all the songs and videos, we have been able to complete our first graphic novel, titled Silent Sillo. If you loved Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spiderman, and Batman, this is for you.
Silent Sillo has bit darker background than the previous names, yet it shares that endless excitement. Seeing my book in stores, I cant help to notice other dark-figures. This story is unique, because Steve Wells looks like an average human in the daytime. Uncontrollably, he transforms into a night terror in dark areas.
As Silent Sillo, he relies on the shadows for extreme display in strength, healing, and combat.
Enough typing, let's see our super-vigilante...

Here Is Steve Wells In The Daytime

Besides The MMA Physique, Steve Is Pretty Average-Looking

Hope you enjoyed those shots by Karl O. Kelly, a rising name in the illustration world. 
Much of this journey is new to me. I can remember thinking of this character, now the story is published and we are seeing good first-week success on Amazon.
Read the intro for free.


                                                       The Gene

Night terrors; I’ve always had night terrors. Ever since I can remember.
Ma used to do everything possible to make sure I was okay. When she heard my shrieking voice, she would run to my bedside to comfort me. Any time trouble arose, there she was with Bible in hand. Man, she wouldn’t stop praying until I was calm. Her love was the only I had known, and it always worked.
The terrors got worse, over time. She even tried professional help; I think that was where it all went wrong. The studies were tolerable, but unfortunately my DNA got back to a particular investigator…very particular. It just so happens that I am the bastard son of a mutant soldier who turned rogue. Still, I didn’t find that out until later. Ma did mention my dad, but not much. She said he had wanted me to know that I was special. Yup, I heard that a lot growing up.
Sorry, I forgot to tell you where I’m from. I moved around a lot. I’m originally from DC, but I couldn’t tell you much about it. Due to the mutant hunting league, I bounced from state to state. It was a blessing in disguise, though; Ma and I got to experience so many different countries.
Back to the wacko who stole my DNA sample. He is a part of the league that hunts and uses mutants for its own leisure. He wasn’t actually a part of the hunt to bring down my father, but he was recruited by the league during the hunt. So, when he found out that I was the direct lineage, he saw a golden opportunity to prime the perfect weapon.
Nowadays they say I’m quiet, but I didn’t get much time to make friends growing up. I did make enemies though, starting with my oppressor: Ronald Scaggerra. Most people know him as General Scagg. He was ruthless and vile. After demonstrating impressive intelligence during his training, General Scagg earned stellar merits and excelled in the league’s rankings. Knowing of my father’s mutant capabilities, Scagg tracked me and my mother everywhere we went; a few times managing to abduct me into a mutant concentration camp.
As a youth, I didn’t know the extent of my strengths. It was almost like Scagg knew though. The camps were brutally abusive. Many mutant kids died there, the rest were forced to kill… I’m ashamed to say, myself included. Scagg said I stood out, so he ran extra tests on me. Already aware of my advanced healing and agility skills, plus my tactical war instincts, Scagg lost patience. Unable to figure out my power’s full potential, he sent me back to our last place of residence: Alaska.
Being fourteen years old is difficult for anybody, but for me… I hadn’t seen my mother in four years, plus I was going through my mutant changes. It felt good to finally be in the presence of love again. I can’t forget her home-cooked meals. I can still feel our reuniting hug. Ma always wore the same perfume. She had all these different bottles, but she only wore one.
It was her idea for me to make friends with the kid down the block. “She’s a cutie, Steve,” Ma said. I was so shy. I don’t even know how Autumn could hang out with me. That was her name; I’ll never forget it. Wonder how she’s doing. She was a tomboy at heart, so we watched kickboxing together. Ma swore the girl had a crush on me. Those chances are probably crushed now, since I haven’t written her in five years.
There is one more person I know, out there. He looked out for me when he didn’t have to. Mr. Murdock. After a tragic accident, I ended up in his backyard. Immediately sensing trouble, he helped me. I’d made my most regrettable mistake that night. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was having another nightmare, and, just like usual, my mom scurried to check on me. Only this time was different. My mutant gene had finally advanced; I transformed into my very nightmare. It was an out of body experience; it ended in horror.
A few weeks later, after I had tamed my rage and regained some confidence, Mr. Murdock convinced me to turn myself in.
I’m five years into my life sentence for murder. If you shared my history, you would be quiet too. This is my first time breaking the silence.

Greatful To Say We Already Have Fan Art


These were done by +Terry Turner. You should check out his Google Plus page, you will find covers of your favorite characters. 

Cool huh? We are art fans ourselves, so we look forward to your fan art also. If you like the characters that we post here, feel free to send us your drawings, paintings, inkings and feedback of your favorite characters from the Silent Sillo story.
For The Die Hard Geeks, Silent Sillo's Power Set 
Travel: Shadow Wings, Shadow port, Realm Shift, Dark Speed
                 Healing: Shadow Regeneration (heal any wound by absorbing darkness), Dark Shield                    Combat: Excelled Spirit Thai, Shadow Blades, Tendrils, Ranged Shadow Blasts
     Special Ability: Soul Sensing, Dream Control, War Adaptation, Electrical Manipulation, 
Extreme Terror, Shadow Sight, Shadow Holes, Dark Solstice
           Vulnerability: Silent Sillo can be knocked down, stabbed, shot, you name it. They all have a physical effect on him to an extent, due to the development of the shadow spirit, his only weakness is love. If his loved one is at risk, or if he is attacked by a loved one, he is at his weakest state. So, he might be able to stand back up after a Hulk Smash, but a friend turning evil would do more damage to Sillo.
Tell your Friends, family, co-workers, and social network mates about Silent Sillo and stop by often for updates. I thank God, all contributors, and all supporters for this project. 
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Thank You For Your Participation In The Free Promotion

It was a thrill to watch Silent Sillo climb through the Top Free ranks on Amazon. Our super-vigilante went from non-existent to ranking fourth in Action Adventure. Silent Sillo reached as high as 10th in Superhero, alongside the biggest names of the past 40 years till now. 
Stay tuned as Sillo takes on another daring mission, this could be his biggest feat yet. Now he must face The 600 Hundred Thousand Titles in the Paid section of Kindle Store. With your help, the stranger from the shadows will topple this mountain and take his rightful claim in the comic book world. 

Now You Can Have People Ask, "Where Did You Get That?"
Big thanks to Spread Shirt, allowing us to bring you these great Silent Sillo tees.
Kids and adults can stand out in comfortable hero-apparel. We have a special fit for you Sillo Girls, you will surely love. Each shirt has a signature series-glow in the dark link to our super vigilante's favorite blog.
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Historical Week For RAN Geeks
We are enjoying the advances Silent Sillo has been making. Yes, the clothing line and merchandise is awesome, however it gets better. The reviews are coming in, none other than Zombie Inc. at, recommended your favorite super-vigilante to readers out there. Silent Sillo has several other honest reviews and moved from the 600,000's to the 200000's. On top of that, our book was featured in the Hot New Releases section on Amazon, long enough to make history.
Special thanks to and +Amazon Kindle Ebook, hee is a quote from the review.

Review Found On Comic Planet
"This story was really a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and the artwork isn't in color, but you can still see that a lot of work went into making it look as good as it does. I would recommend this for any fans of independent comics and anyone who wants to find a new genre of comic to read."
-Zombie Inc.

Can't Thank You Enough
Silent Sillo fans are the coolest in the world, because of you, our super-vigilante is back in Hot New Releases today, via +Amazon Kindle Ebook. The experience is similar to his competition in the story, though he may posses great power, he faces great opposition. 
Surviving battles with Superman, Star Wars, Fathom, and even indie publisher H.E.R.O. With many others to name, which has struck Sillo with blows that would take out most mutants, however he uses his shadow regeneration and rises from the 600 Thousand titles once more, into new territory, 100K. 

This gives me an idea...
I am a fan of most the titles I mentioned in this post, yet to get my hands on a H.E.R.O. copy, I respect their movement. As I was saying, seeing Sillo compete with top names, I would love to see fan art from you, the viewers with your favorite characters, either battling or teaming up with Silent Sillo. All genres are welcome, superhero, manga, anime, fantasy, sci fi, even if you made a genre; you name it.
Do remember, he is a ladies man, so don't shy away from the super-heroines. 

 Spec Sillo 

This was the first Silent Sillo sketch by +Karl Kelly. I feel it is still a cool look, I would like to know your thoughts on it. How do you compare it to the updated look?

Indie Comradery

Two more indie titles to look for, Kewu The Renegade Alien, by +Karl Kelly and I Am Michael Watcher, by +Brian Hawkins. Karl is taking a Sci-Fi direction, while Brian goes down the road of mystery and suspense.

 Coming Soon                                                                                                      In Stores Now

New Character In The Silent Sillo Series

I am almost as excited about Golden Leopard, as I was anticipating the arrival of Silent Sillo. 
The two met in prison, later to realize they are related. Steve keeps his word and stays in touch, though he is no longer in prison. Sin Yu appreciates the letters, funds, and incintives his uncle provides him. If you have not guessed it, Golden Leopard has feral traits with Hyperion Trium (Saturns Gold) fused in his veins, from birth.
Golden Leopard uses the molecules comprised of gases and metals to thrust his enemies with spines, from his forearms, of either direction. More to come on Sin Yu: Golden Leopard, including more upcoming characters from Silent Sillo. As always, give us your thoughts, plusses, shares, and comments.

Silent Sillo On DCU Online

RAN Ink Share Cards

Before taking on the moniker of Death Toll, Chi Chun took much pride in his name. He felt it was his birth rite, due to his mastery of Dark Chi and Wing Chun. Chi survived the rugged streets of Tongren, as an orphan, often eating roadkill to see another day. 
His aggression later lead to daily fights and eventually a position in a world class temple. Chi was a prized pupil, excelling with exceptional display of Kung Fu. Unfortunately, his black heart caused him to kill his master, in sparring.
After years of bordem from lack of competition, Chi took notice to the highlight reels of Steve "Stealth" Wells, an extraordinary Muai Thai champion. Following his first defeat, Chi was offered a transformation, as well as an opportunity to get vengeance against Steve Wells. Now equipped with advanced speed, power, healing and agility; Death Toll aspires to achieve a spirit state.

Leaving Greece as a child, Ronald moved to the states with intent to live the American way. Enthused by military intel, he attempted for the Marines.

Due to his citizenship being denied, Ronald could not get enlisted. The government was not through with him yet, his attributes were too impressive to let go. A special team accepted him, eventually working his way through Interpol and leading several squads of his own. One particular mission was to capture the father of Steve Wells, a deadly hybrid, trained by their own. The hunt was endless, leaving a foul taste in Ronald's mouth, so when he realized his enemy had offspring, he felt he had a second chance. 
Ronald took Steve from his mother, as a child and forced him into a hybrid-concentration camp. 
Steve was constantly being studied, mistreated, and trained as an adult assassin. All the kids hated the General and would call him General Scagg, as an insult. Years of abuse would continue, until the General lost patience in Steve, so he returned him to his home.
When Steve went through adolescence, he became what destiny had in mind for him, as a spirit hybrid. Later Steve used these super-natural powers to cause General Scagg to sleep walk, killing his own wife and kids. The town of Arctica felt no sympathy for the deranged veteran, sentencing him to death by needle. Scagg always had high hopes for Steve Wells, to show his hybrid poetential, so he had already injected himself with his gene. This somehow, made his system immune to the lethal injection, even more intriguing; the toxins bonded with his blood cells. General Scagg now, manipulates several toxins, including bodily wastes.

Could it be fate?
 Sin Yu is the son of a power greedy hybrid, whose own obsession did not satisfy. After joining three other powerful hybrids on a mission to retrieve a source from Saturn's rings, he received an abundant increase in super-natural ability. Realizing the Hyperion Trium (Saturn's Gold) was too devastating on Earth, and would be his own destruction, due to his underdeveloped endurance. He fused the Hyperion Trium with the bloodstream of his new born son, Sin Yu.
This was nothing like the pain of a circumcision, the poor child had to endure pure agony, however this was no normal child. Sin Yu was born as a carnal hybrid, with immeasurable adaptability, so not only does he heal faster, in addition his defense mechanisms develop immediate memory. Sin Yu does not recall his father, or much of who raised him, vague memories of being called Golden Leopard flash through his mind.
A lifetime of extensive training in Kung Fu, including Northern, as well as Southern Shaolin boxing. Insult to injury, Golden Leopard gathers the molecules of the gaseous metal in his bloodstream to extend sabres from his forearms, as his conquest continues, the power source increases enabling new effects.
Golden Leopard is introduced in Silent Sillo Volume 1 - In The World.



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